App Studio is a tool designed to facilitate your data product development. It comes with a rich set of frontend components that you can drag and drop to easily and quickly build frontend apps.

With App Studio, you do not need to download and install a local integrated development environment (IDE) or configure and maintain environment variables. Instead, you can use a browser to write, run, and debug apps and enjoy the same coding experience as that in a local IDE. App Studio also allows you to publish apps online.


App Studio has the following core advantages:

  • Development anytime and anywhere

    You do not need to download and install a local IDE or configure and maintain environment variables. Instead, you can use a browser to develop data in your office, at home, or anywhere you can connect to the network.

  • Editor with complete features

    App Studio provides a browser-based editor that allows you to easily write, run, and debug projects. When you enter code, App Studio intelligently displays code hints, completes the code, highlights syntax errors, and provides error fix suggestions. You can also search for references and definitions of methods and use the code that is automatically generated.

  • Online debugging

    App Studio comes with all breakpoint types and operations of a local IDE. It supports thread switching and filtering, variable viewing and watching, remote debugging, and hot code replacement.

  • Multi-feature terminal

    You can directly access the runtime environment, which is currently built based on CentOS as the base image. The multi-feature terminal supports all bash commands, including vim and other interactive commands.

  • Collaborative coding

    You and your team members can use App Studio to share the development environment for collaborative coding. Currently, App Studio allows a maximum of eight users to edit the same file of a project online at the same time, improving the work efficiency. In the future, App Studio will support features such as chatting, bullet screen messages, code annotations, and videos to make teamwork efficient and pleasant.

  • Plug-in system
    App Studio supports business plug-ins, tool plug-ins, and language plug-ins.
    • App Studio allows you to customize menus and add business entries based on your business requirements.
    • You can customize project management processes, project types, and templates dedicated to your business.
    • You can develop common tools, such as enhanced Git features, code rule scanning, keyboard shortcuts, enhanced editing features, and code snippets, and integrate them into App Studio.
    • You can use language plug-ins to enrich the languages supported by App Studio, enabling App Studio to serve users with more languages while addressing your own business needs.
  • Visual building

    App Studio provides rich components and highly integrates with DataService Studio and DataStudio. You can call some DataWorks APIs in App Studio only. You can also drag and drop components and configure them in a visual way to quickly build frontend web apps without the need to write any code.

  • Various templates and flexible project management

    App Studio provides various template-based projects, allowing you to develop your project accordingly with less labor and higher efficiency. You can also save your project as a template for future development and use, or share it with other users.