A tree map is a rectangle chart that contains rectangle blocks in a tree structure. The area of each rectangle block in a tree map is proportional to the amount of data it represents. The larger the area is, the greater the proportion of data it represents.


Rectangle blocks are generated from data calculations and distributed in the chart.


Configuration Description
Legend filter Field that indicates a data type.
Value column Value field. The greater the value of a data type, the larger the corresponding rectangle block will be.
Padding The spacing between any two adjacent sides of different rectangle blocks. The value range of this field is 0–100 px.


  1. Enter a query statement, select a time interval, and then click Search & Analysis.
  2. Select the tree map .
  3. Configure the chart properties.


Analyze the distribution of the hostnames in the Nginx logs.
* | select hostname, count(1) as count group by hostname order by count desc limit 1000 

Select hostname from the Legend Filter drop-down list and select count from the Value Column drop-down list.