Lateral view is used in conjunction with UDTF such as split, explode, etc. It can split a row of data into multiple rows, and aggregate the split data on this basis.

Single Lateral View statement

lateralView: LATERAL VIEW [OUTER] udtf(expression) tableAlias AS columnAlias (',' columnAlias) * fromClause: FROM baseTable (lateralView)*
  • Lateral view outer: When the table function does not output any rows, the corresponding Input rows remain in the Lateral View results, and all table function output lists are null.


Suppose we have a table called "pageAds" which has two columns of data.The first column is "pageid string" and the second column is "adid_list", a comma-separated collection of AD IDs.
string pageid Array<int> adid_list
“front_page” [1, 2, 3]
“contact_page” [3, 4, 5]
The requirement is to count the number of times all AD IDs have appeared. The implementation process is as follows.
  1. Split the AD IDs as follows:
    SELECT pageid, adid 
     FROM pageAds LATERAL VIEW explode(adid_list) adTable AS adid;
    The execution result is as follows:
    string pageid int adid
    “front_page” 1
    “front_page” 2
    “front_page” 3
    “contact_page” 3
    “contact_page” 4
    “contact_page” 5
  2. The statistics for the aggregation:
    SELECT adid, count(1) 
        FROM pageAds LATERAL VIEW explode(adid_list) adTable AS adid
    GROUP BY adid;
    int adid count(1)
    1 1
    2 1
    3 2
    4. 1
    50 1

Multiple Lateral View statements

A from statement can be followed by multiple Lateral View statements, the subsequent Lateral View statement can reference all the former tables and columns.

The following table is an example:
Array<int> col1 Array<string> col2
[1, 2] [“a”, “b”, “c”]
[3, 4] [“d”, “e”, “f”]
  • Execute a single statement:
    SELECT myCol1, col2 FROM baseTable
        LATERAL VIEW explode(col1) myTable1 AS myCol1;
    int mycol1 Array<string> col2
    1 [“a”, “b”, “c”]
    2 [“a”, “b”, “c”]
    3 [d”, “e”, “f”]
    4 [d”, “e”, “f”]
  • Add a Lateral View statement as follows:
    SELECT myCol1, myCol2 FROM baseTable
        LATERAL VIEW explode(col1) myTable1 AS myCol1
        LATERAL VIEW explode(col2) myTable2 AS myCol2;
    Result is as follows:
    int myCol1 string myCol2
    1 “a”
    1 “b”
    1 “c”
    2 “a”
    2 “b”
    2 “c”
    3 “d”
    3 “e”
    3 “f”
    4 “d”
    4 “e”
    4 “f”