You can group or ungroup multiple widgets within a project.


  1. Log on to the DataV console.
  2. Select a project to go to the project page.
  3. In the left-side Layerspane or on the canvas, hold down Ctrl for Windows (hold down Command for Mac) and click multiple widgets to select the required amount of widgets.

    Move the pointer over the selected widgets to move the widgets simultaneously.

  4. Right-click and choose Group (or click the icon at the bottom of the Layers list) to group the selected widgets to a group file.


  1. Right-click a group file.
  2. Choose Ungroup.
    Note In the Layers list or on the canvas, select one or more widgets, use the new shortcut key Ctrl + G for grouping, and CTRL + Shift + G for ungrouping.

    When you click Ungroup, all the widgets in the group file return to an ungrouped state. Widgets are then independent of each other, and can no longer be moved simultaneously.