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Instance information

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Instance information

Why are instances required

GTM enables you to manage the traffic to your service in a more efficient and precise way. GTM allows users in different regions to access the service in the shortest possible time. When a service address becomes unavailable, GTM automatically blocks this address or directs the user to a backup address.
GTM manages different application services by instance. One instance corresponds to one service. For example, Instance A manages the traffic of the service, and Instance B manages the traffic of Different services use different instances. This facilitates service management and enables resource use based on needs.You do not need to buy redundant resources.

How to buy an instance

Currently, GTM provides free trials to Alibaba Cloud customers who have completed enterprise authentication. The free trial period is three months.

Instance introduction

Instance ID:

After you have purchased a GTM instance, the system automatically generates an instance ID, which is a unique identifier of the service and is required during service upgrade, renewal, or when you release the instance.

Instance name:

Set a instance name that is easy to remember and recognize.

CNAME domain name:

When managing application service addresses, GTM provides a CNAME that points to the domain of the application service. You can use the CNAME to test the application service = without affecting the ongoing business. After the test result has met your expectation, you can point the service domain to the CNAME of the GTM instance..

Health check status:

The health check status indicates the availability of the IP addresses in an address pool of a GTM instance. Health check tests the availability of each IP address every other minute. An exception is returned if the result does not meet the health check prefetch.

Request status:

The request status indicates whether a pool switchover has occurred to the access policy that is applied to users in a specific region. If the default address pool is unavailable, the failover address pool is used and the request status shows error.


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