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Access policy

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018

To use GTM, you need to configure an address pool that is accessed by end users.


  1. Log on to the GTM console.
  2. Click Configure at the right of the instance list to go to the Configurations page.
  3. On the Access Policy tab, click Add Access Policy. In the access policy edit box, configure the access policy.
  4. Enter a policy name that can be easily remembered and identified.
  5. Select a default address pool. It is the address pool that is accessed by users by default when the IP addresses are normal.
  6. Select a failover address pool. It is the backup address pool that is accessed by users when the default address pool is unavailable due to a fault. In this example, no failover address pool is selected and we use health check to perform smart fault isolation for multiple IP addresses in the default address pool.
  7. Select an access region. Select a user range to which the access policy is applicable. When accessing the application service, users in the selected region access the address pool that matches this access policy. If a global region is selected, access from all users is supported.
    NOTE: If only one access policy is configured, the policy must be global. If multiple access policies are configured, one access policy must be global; otherwise, users in some regions cannot access this application service.
    Access Policy