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Create an address pool

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018

The address pool is a method to manage multiple IP addresses of an application service in GTM. An address pool is a group of IP addresses (or domain names) that provide the same application service and have the same network or region attributes.


  1. Log on to the GTM console.
  2. Click Configure at the right of an instance to go to the Configuration page.
  3. On the Address Pool tab, click Create Address Pool. The Edit Address Pool window is displayed.
  4. Configure an address pool name that can be easily identified by the user, for example, China Telecom Address pool 01.
  5. Select the address pool type. Options are IP addresses and domain names. If the address pool is a group of domain names, CNAME load balancing is automatically enabled.
  6. Add elements to the address pool: add a group of IP addresses to the address pool.
    Address Pool