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Last Updated: Jul 28, 2020


The ApsaraVideo for VOD Go SDK enables you to access ApsaraVideo for VOD without complex programming. This topic describes how to obtain and use the ApsaraVideo for VOD Go SDK.

Environment requirements

  • Go V1.7 or later is installed. You can visit the Go official website to download and install an appropriate version.

Install the SDK

  • Run the following go get command to install the SDK:
  1. go get -u


  • No messages are displayed on the GUI during installation. Wait patiently. If the installation times out, run the command again.

  • If the src/ subdirectory appears in the directory specified by GOPATH, the SDK is installed successfully.

  • Run the following glide command to install the SDK:

  1. glide get

Update the SDK

If new operations or new features of existing operations are unavailable in the current SDK version, you can upgrade the SDK to the latest version. The methods for upgrading the SDK are the same as those described in Install the SDK.

Call example

  • For more information about the sample code and instructions, see Initialization.