This topic describes the prerequisites for installing ApsaraVideo VOD SDK for Go. It also describes how to install and update ApsaraVideo VOD SDK for Go.


Go 1.7 or later is installed. For more information, visit Go.

Install the SDK

  • You can run the go get command to install the SDK. Example:
    go get -u
    • When you run the preceding command to install the SDK, no prompts are displayed. If timeout occurs during installation, run the command again.
    • If the subdirectory src/ is displayed in the directory that stores the GOPATH file, the SDK is installed.
  • You can also run the glide command to install the SDK. Example:
    glide get

Update the SDK

If new features or new API operations are unavailable in the current SDK, update the SDK to the latest version. For more information, see Install the SDK.


For more information about the sample code and related reference, see Initialization.