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How do I manually detect Linux software vulnerabilities?

Last Updated: May 31, 2021


This article describes how to manually view the system software vulnerabilities on a server.


Security Center regularly and automatically detects the system software vulnerabilities on your servers and generates alerts. Security Center also generates commands to fix the detected system software vulnerabilities. To view the system software vulnerabilities on your servers, perform the following steps:

Note: These operations apply only to CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian.

  1. Log on to your server and run the required command based on your operating system to query information about all the system software packages installed on the server.
    • If your server runs CentOS, run the yum list installed command.
    • If your server runs Ubuntu or Debian, run the dpkg -l command.

  2. Download the vulnerability descriptions based on your server system from Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language.
  3. Check for vulnerabilities in the software on your server based on the vulnerability descriptions.
  4. Use the following methods to fix the vulnerabilities:
    • Use a package manager to update the software package with vulnerabilities.
    • If the update fails, go to the official website of the software to download the latest binary installation file or source code package to install the software.

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