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Application health overview

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2019

This topic explains the application health overview function of Application Monitoring.

What it does

Once you add your Java application to ARMS, ARMS immediately begins to monitor your application. You can see key metrics of application health on the Application Overview page, and preview the upstream and downstream components in the dependency tree in the application topology gragh.

Key application metrics

Application Overview page shows the following key metrics:

  • Total number of requests within specified time range, average response time, number of instances, number of FullGC occurrence, number of slow SQL, number of exceptions, and their change rates compared to the previous day and week.

  • The line chart of how many times your application is called by upstream components and the response time, and how many times your application calls downstream services and the response time.

APM overview

Application topology

On the Topology Graph tab page of the Application Overview page, you can get a better view of the upstream and downstream components of your application and their dependencies, and then identify the bottlenecks of your application effectively.