Running a Cloud Assistant script in the ECS console is the same as running a command after you log on to an instance. The script can only be run when all requirements are met. We recommend that you view the script execution result and status after running a script to ensure that the operation is completed.


The script must have been run at least once before you can view the execution result.

Background information

Different execution results and status will be displayed for the script if exceptions occur. These exceptions are: lack of dependencies, network disruptions, script semantic errors, script debugging errors, and abnormal instance status.

Procedure in the console

  1. Log on to the ECS console and navigate to the Cloud Assistant page.
  2. In the top navigation bar, select a region.
  3. Click the Tasks tab to view the execution results and status.
    • View the execution status of the target script in the corresponding Status column.View script execution status
    • View the execution result:
      1. Find the target script.
      2. In the Actions column, click View Results.
      3. In the Run Results pane, view the Task output section.

Procedure by using CLI

  1. Call the DescribeInvocations operation to query the execution status of the script.
    aliyun ecs DescribeInvocations --RegionId TheRegionId --InvokeId your-invoke-id
  2. Call the DescribeInvocationResults operation to query the execution result of a script on a specific instance.
    aliyun ecs DescribeInvocationResults --RegionId TheRegionId --InstanceId i-bp1g6zv0ce8og******p --InvokeId your-invoke-id