Kubernetes is a popular open-source container orchestration platform. To allow you to use Kubernetes to manage container applications in Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud Container Service provides support for Kubernetes clusters.

You can create a safe and high-availability Kubernetes cluster in the Container Service console. The Kubernetes cluster integrates with the virtualization, storage, network, and security capabilities of Alibaba Cloud to provide scalable, high-performance container application management, simplify cluster creation and expansion, and focus on the development and management of containerized applications.

Alibaba Cloud Container Service provides versatile container clusters for different application scenarios.
  • Managed clusters are a general type of clusters applicable to most service scenarios.
  • Serverless Kubernetes are applicable to the agile service scenarios of fast elasticity and the single- or multi-task processing scenarios.
  • Edge clusters are necessarily needed by the edge services such as IoT and CDN.
  • Confidential computing clusters (TEE, Trusted Execution Environment) are the best matches to the services with stringent data security requirement.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud Container Service prvoides highly integrated solutions for genomic computing, AI, and big data, which incorporate strong computing and networking capabilities of IaaS and put into best use of containers. In the filed of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, Alibaba Cloud Container Service supports unified management of multiple clusters. With the Container Service console, you can centrally manage the Kubernetes clusters from offline IDC or other clouds.

Alibaba Cloud Container Service supports full lifecycle management of containerized applications and provides the following features:

  • Cluster management
    • Allows you to create Kubernetes clusters in an easy way through the Container Service console and supports high cross-zone availability.
  • All-in-one container management
    • Supports full lifecycle management of containerized applications.
    • Supports high performance container networks of Flannel VPC and Terway.
    • Supports Alibaba Cloud disks, Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets.
    • Supports monitoring from multiple perspectives of resources, applications, and containers.
    • Supports diversified log statistics.
    • Supports authorization and container runtime security management based on roles.
  • Application market content
    • Provides rich Helm chart components.
    • Supports container registry service.
  • Developer services
    • Provides OpenAPI and community native APIs.
    • Supports management tools of Alibaba Cloud Cloudshell and community native Kubectl.


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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

For more information about SLA, see Container Service for Kubernetes Service Level Agreement.