View the cluster details according to the cluster ID.

Request Information

Request line (RequestLine)

GET /clusters/{cluster_id} HTTP/1.1

Request line parameter (URI Param)

Name Type Required Description
cluster_id string Yes Custer ID

Special request header (RequestHead)

None. See Public request headers.

Request body requestbody


Return information

Response line (ResponseLine)

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Special response header (ResponseHead)

None. See Public response headers.

Response body (ResponseBody)

    "agent_version": "string",
    "cluster_id": "string",
    "created": "datetime",
    "external_loadbalancer_id": "string",
    "master_url": "string",
    "name": "string",
    "network_mode": "string",
    "region_id": "string",
    "security_group_id": "string",
    "size": "numbers",
    "state": "string",
    "updated": "datetime",
    "vpc_id": "string",
    "vswitch_id": "string"

Response body explanation

Cluster format

Name Type Description
agent_version string The Agent version.
cluster_id string The cluster ID, which is the unique identifier of the cluster.
created string The creation time of the cluster.
external_loadbalancer_id string The Server Load Balancer instance ID of the cluster.
master_url string The master address of the cluster, which is used to connect to the cluster to perform operations. For more information, see Access Kubernetes clusters by using SSH.
name string The cluster name, which is specified when you create the cluster and is unique for each account.
network_mode string The network mode of the cluster (Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)).
region_id string The ID of the region where the cluster is located.
security_group_id string The security group ID.
size string The number of nodes.
state string The cluster status.
updated string The last update time.
vpc_id string The VPC ID.
vswitch_id string The VSwitch ID.


Request example

GET /clusters/C5b5e80b0b64a4bf6939d2d8fbbc5ded7 HTTP/1.1
<Public request header>

Response example

HTTP/1.1 200 Ok
<Public response header>
    "agent_version": "0.5-e56dab3",
    "cluster_id": "c978ca3eaacd3409a9437db07598f****",
    "created": "2015-12-11T03:52:40Z",
    "external_loadbalancer_id": "1518f2b7e4c-cn-beijing-bt****",
    "master_url": "",
    "name": "my-python-cluster-039de960",
    "network_mode": "vpc",
    "region_id": "cn-beijing",
    "security_group_id": "sg-25yqjuxhz",
    "size": 5,
    "state": "running",
    "updated": "2015-12-15T15:01:58Z",
    "vpc_id": "",
    "vswitch_id": ""