Premium streaming is a high-speed circuit between the region where the streamer is located and mainland China.


  • Streamer at abroad or in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region: The premium streaming function is used to stream video streams to mainland China, and distribute the video streams in mainland China.

  • Streamer in mainland China: The premium streaming function is used to pull and distribute video streams to specified acceleration region.


  • Premium streaming service is effective for a domain name only in China (Shanghai) region.

    Before configuring premium streaming, log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console, and confirm the region of the configured domain name in Domains.

  • If you want to use premium streaming, you must use edge ingestion function. For more information, see Edge ingestion.

    When you associate domain names, the system automatically enable edge ingestion acceleration service. Before configuring premium streaming, confirm that you have associated ingest domain name and streaming domain name in Domains > Domain Settings > Basic Settings > Stream Ingest Information. For more information about configuring edge ingestion, see Configure edge ingestion.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.
  2. Click Domains.
  3. Select the Streaming Domain Name, and click Stream Settings.
  4. Click Premium Streaming > Add.

  5. In Premium Streaming Acceleration Settings, enter premium streaming parameters.

    • Application Name The name of the video app. The Application Name must be the same with the Application Name, or the configuration does not take effect. For example, the Application Name in the ingest URL is app, and the Application Name of the premium streaming must also be app.

    • Stream Name: The name of the stream. Enter the specified stream name. If you want to record all the streams under the Application Name, enter wildcard (*).

      Note Application Name and Stream Name parameters support upper case letters, lower case letters, number, hyphen (-), underline (_) and period (.). The length is limited within 50 characters.
    • Acceleration Region:

      • Stream Ingest acceleration: select the region where the streamer is located.

      • Live Streaming acceleration: select the region where the audience is located.

    The premium streaming is configured successfully.
    Note If the Stream Name you configured in Premium Streaming contains wildcard (*), and multiple streams are configured under the same Application Name, then all the streams perform the premium streaming configuration by default.