Container Service blockchain solution supports restarting the blockchain network. At the same time, the original blockchain configuration and data can be reused.



  1. Use SSH to log on to a master node of the Kubernetes cluster as the root account.
  2. Run the helm delete --no-hooks --purge <blockchain network Helm Release name> command to delete blockchain network. 
    Use the --no-hooks parameter to avoid deleting the original data directory.
    helm delete --no-hooks --purge network01 #In this example, the Helm Release name is network01
    release "network01" deleted
  3. Use the same blockchain network name as the fabricNetwork variable value to create a new blockchain network  by using the Container Service console or the Helm command line. Therefore, you can reuse the original data directory. For more information, see Configure and deploy blockchain network. An example of Helm command is as follows.
    helm install --name network01 --set "" incubator/ack-hyperledger-fabric #Replace with your NAS mount address
    To back up the blockchain data directory, use the following command example to mount the NAS file system to ECS. In this example, blockchain network name is network01.
    mkdir /data
    mount -t nfs -o vers=4.0 /data #Replace with your NAS mount address
    Now, you must back up the /data/fabric/network01 data directory.

    Using this method, you can perform blockchain network data backup, migration, and recovery.