This tutorial guides you to create an Internet SLB instance to forward requests to backend ECS instances.

Note Before creating an SLB instance, you must plan your SLB service, such as the instance type, region, and more. For more information, see Preparations.
The tutorial includes the following tasks:
  1. Create an SLB instance

    Creates an SLB instance. An SLB instance is a running entity of Server Load Balancer.

  2. Configure listeners and add backend servers

    After creating an SLB instance, you must add at least one listener, and add ECS instances as backend servers.

  3. Resolve a domain name (Optional)

    Use Alibaba Cloud DNS to resolve a domain name to the IP address of the SLB instance to provide external services.

  4. Delete an SLB instance

    If you no longer need the SLB instance, release it to avoid additional charges.