API version

Kubernetes 1.9 API is supported.

Application load

  • Deployment, StatefulSet, Job/CronJob, Bare Pod are supported.
  • DaemonSet is not supported.

Pod definition

Supports starting multiple containers, setting environment variables, RestartPolicy, health check commands, and mounting volumes.

Load balancing

  • Supports creation of Load Balancer type applications.
  • Ingress is supported.
  • NodePort type is not supported.


Secret and ConfigMap are supported.


  • EmptyDir and NFS volume types are supported.
  • PersistentVolume and PersistentVolumeClaim are not supported.


Only the default namespace can be viewed, and no namespaces can be added.


Node information of Kubernetes cannot be viewed.


Default namespace events can be viewed.

Containers logs

View the container logs in real time by using kubectl logs.

Container exec/attach

Enter the container to run the commands by using kubectl exec.