Cluster alarm

Quick alarm
  1. Elasticsearch supports quick alarm. This feature is disabled by default. You can go to the clusters list page and click Quick Alarm to enable or disable this feature.

  2. If this feature is disabled, click Quick Alarm, and then click Enable Now in the dialog box to manually enable it.

Custom alarms

You can click Cluster Monitor to create custom alarm rules. For more information about creating alarm rules, see ES CloudMonitor alarm.

Cluster monitor

You can view Elasticsearch instance parameters and workloads.

Preset time

You can click a time option to view cluster metrics that are collected in the specified time period.

Custom cluster monitoring time

You can click Custom to specify the start time and end time to define a time window and view cluster monitoring data collected within the time window.

Note You can query up to 7 continuous days of data in the last 31 days by the minute.
Cluster monitoring metrics