Anti-DDoS Premium defends against the following types of DDoS attacks for you.

Functionality Description
Malformed packets filtering Defends against Frag flood, Smurf attack, stream flood and Land attacks, and filters malformed IP packet, TCP packet and UDP packet.
Transport layer DDoS protection Defends against SYN flood, ACK flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, and RST flood attacks.
Web application layer DDoS protection Defends against HTTP Get flood, HTTP Post flood, and connection flood attacks by using filtering rules based on HTTP characteristics, URI and Host.

Core features

Anti-DDoS Premium has the following features:
  • Global DDoS Mitigation

    Anti-DDoS Premium integrates capacities of all Alibaba Cloud scrubbing centers over the world as protection resources by using Anycast technology. With distributed technology, Anti-DDoS Premium automatically diverts DDoS attack traffic to the nearest scrubbing center to the attacking source for mitigation.

  • Unlimited Protection

    Anti-DDoS Premium provides unlimited protection with full capacity to each user by comprehensively utilizing global near-source mitigation abilities.

    In 2018, the total protection capacity of Alibaba Cloud International Anti-DDoS scrubbing centers increases to over 2 Tbps. Anti-DDoS Premium aims to defend against every single DDoS attack for you.

    Notice Alibaba Cloud keeps rights of actions when attacks against your business impact the infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud International Anti-DDoS scrubbing centers. Once the actions are triggered on your Anti-DDoS Premium instance, your protected business may be affected. The action includes but not limited to “black hole” of the IP addresses being attacked, or alteration to the routing of the traffic destined to the IP addresses being attacked.
  • Dedicated IP Resource

    Anti-DDoS Premium provides a dedicated Anycast IP for each user. Each IP is isolated to avoid any impact by DDoS attacks against other users. This provides you a safer DDoS mitigation service.

  • Security Report

    Anti-DDoS Premium provides detail traffic report and attack protection report in real time for you to have a clear view on the security of your business.