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Download settings

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2018

Download settings

ApsaraVideo VOD allows you to download videos to mobile clients and play these videos offline. You can enable the download function to allow end users to cache videos locally for playback.

Note: In the current version, the download SDK has been integrated into the ApsaraVideo Player SDK. To use the download function, you must first integrate the ApsaraVideo Player SDK.


  1. Go to the VOD console, choose Global Settings > Download Settings to configure the download function.Download settings

  2. By default, the download function is disabled. You can click the toggle to enable it. You can select Normal or Encrypted based on your business needs.

    • Normal: Video files are downloaded without encryption. However, these files can be copied and played by any players. Exercise caution when you use this download method.
    • Encrypted: Downloaded video files are encrypted by using a private key to ensure the security of the videos. To decrypt and play these videos, you must use the ApsaraVideo Player SDK. ApsaraVideo VOD also provides a tool for you to generate a private key to encrypt videos before they are downloaded.Encrypted Download

      Note: The private key for video encryption is a binary file. It is generated by using a proprietary algorithm based on the application ID and private key string that you have entered. The private key string must be 16 to32 characters in length and can contain letters and numbers. It must contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. After the private key is generated, you can download it. After downloading the private key, you must securely store it in the client. The ApsaraVideo Player SDK will use the private key during video downloading and playback.