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Last Updated: Dec 06, 2018


ApsaraVideo for VOD is based on Alibaba Cloud OSS. It provides resource storage services without requiring you to activate OSS. It allows you to set up your VOD service quickly with multiple functions, such as video uploading, storage, transcoding, editing, production, distribution, and playback.


  1. After you activate the VOD service, a dedicated storage bucket is assigned by default. You can directly upload media resources to the bucket and manage the resources in the bucket without the need to configure the bucket. By default, the storage service is activated in the China (Shanghai) region.Storage list

  2. In addition to the China (Shanghai) region, the storage service is also available in the China (Beijing) region. Click Add Storage Address and select the target region to complete the configuration of a new region. After you add multiple storage addresses, you can specify one address as the default storage address for resource uploading.Add storage

  3. To ensure your resource security, the read-write permissions for the assigned system bucket is set to Private by default. You can adjust the permissions as needed.Read-write permissions

    The permissions are described as follows:

    Permission typeDescription
    Private read-write permissionsOnly the bucket owner or authorized users can read, write, or delete the stored objects. Other users cannot access the objects in the bucket without authorization.
    Public read and private write permissionsOnly the bucket owner or authorized users can read or delete the stored objects. All users (including anonymous visitors) can read the objects in the bucket.
    Public read-write permissionsAll users (including anonymous visitors) can read, write, or delete the objects in the bucket. The bucket owner must pay all fees that are incurred by operations.
  4. If the current storage address has multiple domain names for origin fetching, you can specify a domain name as the default domain name to return the stream playback address and other information.Default domain name

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