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Cache configuration

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2019


With this function, you can configure cache server actions for the resources in different directories or with different file name extensions. Also, it allows you to define cache expiration rules for the specified resources and the priorities of cache policies.


  • The default cache policy is used to set the file expiration time. This setting has a higher priority than the cache setting configured on the origin site. If no cache policy is configured on the origin site, you can set one by specifying resource directories or file name extensions. Full paths supported.
  • The CDN cache may be removed from the CDN node due to low popularity before the cache configuration takes effect.


  1. Go to the Domain Names page in the VOD console and select a domain name. On the Domain Configuration page, configure the cache settings.

  2. Click Modify to add, modify, or delete a cache rule.

  3. Click Add to add a cache rule by specifying a directory or file name extension.

    Cache configuration


    • The value range of the weight is from 1 to 99. A larger weight indicates a higher priority.
    • We do not recommend that you set the same weight for two cache policies. The system will randomly select a cache policy from these two policies.