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Enable protocol consistency

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018


When this function is enabled, the same protocol is used for sending back-to-origin requests and accessing resources from the client. For example, if the client sends an HTTPS request for accessing resources but the resources are not cached on the CDN node, the node initiates a back-to-origin HTTPS request to obtain these resources. HTTP applies the same rule.

Note: The origin site must support both ports 80 and 443. Otherwise, the back-to-origin process may fail.


  1. Go to the Domain Names page, select the target domain name, and click Configure.

  2. Choose Back-to-Origin Settings > Use Request Protocol for Back-to-Origin to enable this function.

  3. Set the redirect type to Use Request Protocol for Back-to-Origin, HTTP, or HTTPS.

    Use request protocol for back-to-origin