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Add Domain Name

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018


Domain names in Domain Names are used to accelerate the delivery of ApsaraVideo for VOD (VOD). You can add, delete, enable, and disable domain names.


1. Log on to the VOD console and choose Domain Names.

Domain names

2. After activating the VOD service, you can add a maximum of 20 domain names for each account.

  • Add a domain name: Click Add Domain Name. After the domain name is reviewed and approved, a transient configuration process starts. Wait for the process to end.
  • Currently, the VOD service does not support wildcard domain names, such as “*”.

    Add a domain name

  • Enable or disable a domain name: Select a CDN domain from the list of domain names. Then, click Enable or Disable to toggle the domain name on or off.

    Note: You must enable at least one domain name to ensure the proper playback of videos.

  • Delete a domain name: Disable the domain name to be deleted before deleting it.


Always follow these requirements when you configure or enable a domain name for the VOD service:

  • The domain name must be self-owned and cannot be bound to or occupied by other Alibaba Cloud services. Otherwise, you may not be able to add the domain name.

  • After adding the domain name, complete CNAME binding. Otherwise, the following errors may occur:

    • Unable to play videos correctly: Videos cannot be previewed in the console or video playback fails after the video URL is retrieved.
    • Unable to display video album art images correctly: Album art images in the list of videos and album art thumbnails on the Video Details page both use the default images.
    • Unable to edit videos: A URL error message is displayed in the preview window of the editing page, and video thumbnails are not displayed properly in the timeline.