The configuration center sets the common features, including module management and editor management.

Module management

Module management can add and delete modules in the left-side navigation pane function module of the DataStudio interface, you can click filter to display functional modules on the left-side, you can also sort the module functions by dragging and dropping.

When you move the cursor over the module you want to add, the module turns blue and displays Add.

When the cursor moves over the module that needs to be removed, the module turns red and displays Remove.

Note The template management filtering takes effect immediately in the current project, if you want it to take effect for all projects, click Apply Settings To All Projects.

Editor management

The editor is the setting for code and keywords, and the settings takes effect in real time without the need to refresh the interface.

  • Thumbnail view

    The current interface code is displayed on the right side of the code, and the shaded area in the figure is in the displayed area. When the code is longer, you can move the cursor up and down to switch the displayed code area.

  • Check for errors

    Check the error statement in the current code. When the cursor is placed in the red error code area, an error-specific field condition is displayed.

  • Auto save
    Automatically cache the currently edited code to avoid the page from crashing and losing edited code that has not been saved. You can choose Use Server-Saved Code in the left-side navigation pane or Use Locally Cached Code in the right-side navigation pane.

  • Code style

    You can select a favorite code style of either uppercase or lowercase. You can enter keywords or use the keyword association shortcut to enter the required keywords.

  • Code font size

    The code font size supports a minimum font size of 12 and a maximum font size of 18. You can change the setting based on your code writing habits and volume.

  • Code Hint
    Code prompts are used during code entry, and intelligent prompt displays are separated into the following sections.
    • Space Smart Tip: Add a space after selecting associated keywords, tables, and fields.
    • Keywords: The prompt code supports the keywords entered.
    • Syntax templates: The syntax templates are supported.
    • Project: The associated project name.
    • Table: The required table for association.
    • Field: The smart prompt for table fields.
  • Theme

    The theme style is the DataStudio interface style setting, which currently supports both black and white.

  • Application

    Apply the above template management and editor management settings to all currently existing projects.