MySQL 5.7

  • Version 20181226

    • Supported dynamic modification of binlog-row-event-max-size to accelerate the replication of tables without primary keys.
    • Fixed the memory request problem of proxy-based instances.
  • Version 20181121

    • Fixed the compatibility issue with DTS.
    • Prohibited common users to delete system databases.
  • Version 20181010
    • Supported implicit primary keys.
    • Accelerated master/slave replication for tables without primary keys.
  • Version 20180910

    Supported Native AIO to improve the I/O performance.

  • Version 20180601

    • Prohibited non-super users from running RESET SLAVE.
    • Fixed the thread ID overflow.
  • Version 20180431
    • Supported the High-availability Edition.
    • Supported SQL explorer.
    • Enhanced protection for instances that are generating snapshots.

MySQL 5.6

  • Version 20181010

    Added the parameter rocksdb_ddl_commit_in_the_middle (MyRocks). If this parameter is turned on, certain DDL operations run the COMMIT command when being executed.

  • Version 201806** (5.6.16)

    Increased the slow log precision to milliseconds.

  • Version mysql_20180426 (5.6.16)
    • Supported hidden indexes so that you can set invisible indexes. For more information, see Reference.
    • Fixed bugs that occur when slave instances apply threads.
    • Resolved the performance deterioration that occurs when slave instances apply partition updates.
    • Resolved the problem that an entire TokuDB table is rebuilt by the ALTER TABLE COMMENT command. For more information, see Reference.
    • Resolved possible deadlocks triggered by the SHOW SLAVE STATUS or SHOW STATUS command.
  • Version mysql_20171205 (5.6.16)
    • Resolved the problem that concurrent execution of OPTIMIZE TABLE and ONLINE ALTER TABLE causes deadlocks.
    • Resolved conflicts between SEQUENCE and implicit primary keys.
    • Resolved problems related to SHOW CREATE SEQUENCE.
    • Resolved the problem that TokuDB table statistics are incorrect.
    • Resolved the problem that parallel OPTIMIZE table commands cause deadlocks.
    • Resolved the character set problems recorded in QUERY_LOG_EVENT.
    • Resolved the problem that databases cannot be stopped due to signal processing. For more information, see Reference.
    • Resolved problems caused by RESET MASTER.
    • Resolved the problem that backup databases are stuck in the waiting state.
    • Resolved the possible process termination caused by SHOW CREATE TABLE.
  • Version 20170927 (5.6.16)
    • Resolved the problem that TokuDB table queries use incorrect indexes.
  • Version 20170901 (5.6.16)
    • Upgraded the SSL encryption version to TLS1.2. For more information, see Reference.
    • Supported SEQUENCE.
    • Resolved the problem that NOT IN queries return incorrect results in certain scenarios.
  • Version 20170530 (5.6.16)

    Allowed master accounts to kill connections of common accounts.

  • Version 20170221 (5.6.16)

    Supported read/write splitting.