Anti-Bot Service (Anti-Bot) provides a security solution, Anti-Bot SDK, for native apps. It provides your apps with enhanced protection against bot traffic, supports secure communication, and can accurately identify suspicious IP addresses and modem pools.

The Anti-Bot SDK was developed based on years of experience in protecting against frauds and bargain speculators in their online business. After your app is integrated with the Anti-Bot SDK, your app will gain the same trusted channel as Tmall, Taobao, Alipay, and other apps. It will have access to a library of malicious devices accumulated by Alibaba Group against frauds and bargain speculators in their online business, helping you to solve your app's security problems.

The Anti-Bot SDK helps you to solve the following security problems that can threaten native apps:

  • Malicious registration, credential stuffing, and brute-force attacks
  • HTTP flood attacks against apps
  • Malicious attacks against SMS and CAPTCHA interfaces
  • Bargain speculation and red envelope snatching
  • Seckill and time-and-purchase-limited goods
  • Malicious ticket checking and brushing (such as air tickets or hotel bookings)
  • Valuable information crawling (such as price, credit information, financing, and fiction)
  • Machine batch voting
  • Spams and malicious comments

Configure the Anti-Bot SDK for your app

Perform the following steps to configure the Anti-Bot SDK for your app:
Note You do not need to make any modifications on the server to configure the Anti-Bot SDK for your app. After the configuration is complete, Anti-Bot automatically filters out malicious traffic and forwards valid requests to the origin server. Anti-Bot handles all pressure from malicious traffic to ensure the stability of your server.
  1. Log on to the Anti-Bot console, and select the region where your Anti-Bot instance is located.
  2. Go to the Domain Names page and click Add Domain to configure domain access to the domain name used by your app. For more information, see Add domain name configuration.
  3. At the DNS resolution service provider of the domain name used by your app, add the CNAME allocated by your Anti-Bot instance, and point the domain name resolution of your app to the Anti-Bot instance. For more information, see Update DNS settings.
  4. Integrate the Anti-Bot SDK into your app.
    Note This may take one to two days to complete.
    For more information about how to integrate the Anti-Bot SDK into your app, see the following documents:
  5. After verifying that the configuration is successful, package and publish the new app version integrated with the Anti-Bot SDK for security protection.