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Operation process

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2019

This document describes the procedures of using the blockchain service.

Steps 1 to 4 describe how to create a blockchain network in standard mode, and how to manually create an organization, create and join a consortium, and create a channel.

For a quick start of standard mode operations, see Quick start.


Number Step Description
1 Create organizations Create a business organization. Once created, an organization can be invited into an existing consortium and channel.
2 Create consortia Create the infrastructure of the consortium blockchain, including the orderer nodes.
3 Invite organizations to join a consortium Invite new organizations to join the consortium blockchain network.
4 Create channels Build channels between organizations to form a blockchain network.
5 Deploy chaincodes The user uploads the smart contracts (chaincodes) in the required format.
6 Access the blockchain network This step includes Manage users and Access the blockchain network.
7 Manage the blockchain network Management and monitoring of blockchain networks, such as Manage users and View logs.