Currently, the Python and Java APIs support UDFs implementation. To compile a UDF program, you can upload the UDF code by Adding resources and then register the UDF.

UDF registration procedure:
  1. Right-click Business Flow under Data Development, and select Create Business Flow.

  2. In the offline Java environment, edit the program, compress the program into a JAR package, create a jar resource, submit and release the program. For more information about the Java environment, see Create resources.
  3. Create a function.

    Right-click Function, select Create Function, and enter the new function configuration.

  4.  Edit the function configuration.

    • Class name: The main class name that implements the UDF.
    • Resource list: The resource name in the second step. If there are multiple resources, separate them with commas (,).
    • Description: The UDF description. It is optional.
  5. Submit the task.

    After the configuration is completed, click Save in the upper-left corner of the page or press Ctrl+S to Submit (and Unlock) the node in the development environment.

  6. Release a task

    For more information about the operation, see Publish a task.