This topic describes the billing items and rules for value-added services of Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Static HTTPS requests

After you enable HTTPS in the Alibaba Cloud CDN console, you are charged for static HTTPS. For more information about the pricing, see CDN pricing.


Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) is an independent Alibaba Cloud service. If you set the business type to DCDN in the Alibaba Cloud CDN console when you add a domain name to Alibaba Cloud CDN, you can go to the DCDN console to view and manage the domain name. DCDN-accelerated domain names that are retained in the CDN console are billed based on the pricing of the DCDN service. If you have purchased CDN or DCDN resource plans, Alibaba Cloud CDN and DCDN can share resource plans of outbound traffic or static HTTPS requests.