Task completion status

This module compares and generates statistical data of the completed normal cyclic scheduling tasks for today, yesterday, and the average history level. When sharp misalignmentsoccur between the three curves, it indicates exceptions within a certain period of time, which requires further checks and analyses.

The preceding line statistic figure shows three different colored lines that display the statistics of all the completed task types on the same day from 0: 00 to 24:00. The three colored lines represent tasks completed today, yesterday, and the historical average.

Task running status

This section displays the number of currently running tasksby time. You can view the maximum concurrent tasks at a certaintime period, and adjust the scheduled running time to avoid the maximum concurrency.

Ranking of running tasks duration

This section displays the ranking of running task durations within the business period in the current project space. By default, the top ten tasks are displayed in descending order. The displayed task information include the name, owner, and running duration.

Error rankings in the last month

This section displays the top ten task errors in the last month in descending order. You can view the task name, the owner, and the occurrence of errors.

You can click a task name to jump to the details page of the task error history.

The number of scheduling tasks trend

This section displays the total number of current tasks and the changes in task count compared with yesterday, last week, and last month, as shown in the following figure.

Task type distribution

Move the pointerover a section of the pie chart to display the task number and ratio.