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Recover a database

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018

DBS provides the database recovery feature that allows you to restore a database to a specified time accurate to seconds. You can also flexibly select recovery objects.

DBS supports recovering an entire database instance, single or multiple databases, and single or multiple tables. For more information, see Quickly recover a table.


Log on to the DBS console, go to the backup plans list, click manage to enter the configuration page of a backup plan, and click recovery database in the upper-right corner. The detailed steps are as follows:

  1. Configure recovery time point
  2. Configure recovery object
  3. Precheck

Configure recovery time point

DBS displays the times that a database can be restored to in a recovery calendar. You can quickly select the time to restore your database.

Configure recovery object

DBS provides features such as table mapping and conflict handling of tables with duplicate names. The table mapping feature allows you to rename recovered tables and databases flexibly. The conflict handling feature allows you to choose whether to rename or skip tables with duplicate names during database recovery. This improves the chances of successful recovery.


After you have configured database recovery settings, you can precheck the configurations, database connectivity, and database permissions. If the precheck is successful, the system will perform database recovery immediately.