The figure below shows the basic attribute configuration interface:

  • Node Name: The node name of the created workflow node. To modify the node name, right-click the node on the directory tree and choose Rename from the short-cut menu.
  • Node ID: The unique node ID generated when a task is submitted and cannot be modified.
  • Node Type: The node type that you select when creating a workflow node and cannot be modified.
  • Owner: The node owner. By default, the owner of a newly created node is the current logon user. To modify the owner, click the input box, and enter the owner name or select another user.
    Note When you select another user, the user must be a member of the current project.
  • Description: Generally used to describe the business and node purpose.
  • Parameter: A parameter used to assign value to a variable in the code during task scheduling.

    For example, when a variable "pt=${datetime}" is used to indicate the code time, you can assign a value to the variable here. The assigned value can use the scheduling built-in time parameter "datetime=$bizdate".

Parameter value assignment formats for various node types

  • ODPS SQL, ODPS PL, ODPS MR types: Variable name 1=Parameter 1 Variable name 2=Parameter 2..., separate multiple parameters with spaces.
  • SHELL type: Parameter 1 Parameter 2..., separate multiple parameters with spaces.

Some frequently-used time parameters are provided as built-in scheduling parameters. For more information about these parameters, see Parameter configuration.