This topic describes the design concepts and core features of DataWorks to help you understand DataWorks.

Workshop overview

Duration: 2 hours of online learning.

Audience: new and existing users of DataWorks, such as Java engineers and product operation staff. If you are familiar with standard SQL, you can master basic features of DataWorks without knowing much about the principles of data warehouses and MaxCompute. However, we recommend that you take DataWorks tutorials to learn more about the basic concepts and features of DataWorks. For more information, see What is DataWorks?

Objective: simulates the scenario where a large number of logs are analyzed. After you complete the workshop, you can understand the main features of DataWorks. You can follow the workshop to use the MaxCompute compute engine to perform common data operations, such as data collection, data analytics, and node O&M.

DataWorks overview

DataWorks is a one-stop big data R&D platform with features including data integration, data modeling, data analytics, O&M and monitoring, data management, data security, and data quality. In addition, it is integrated with Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) and optimizes the process from big data development to data mining and machine learning.


If you have any questions during the workshop, join the DingTalk group for consultation.