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Last Updated: Jun 03, 2019

Openness and sharing

  • Alibaba Cloud BaaS supports blockchain applications and data under the Hyperledger Fabric framework. Development results are shared to an open source blockchain community.
  • Alibaba Cloud will integrate developed blockchain systems to build an open, capable, and standardized blockchain ecosystem for users.

High security

  • Based on the on-chip encryption technology of the ECS Bare Metal Instance, this service provides high-level security protection for private keys.
  • Supports encryption and decryption based on China’s recommended cryptographic algorithms.
  • Establishes a consortium blockchain management system targeting multiple enterprises to facilitate collaboration among enterprises.
  • Provides multi-dimensional network isolation, network access control and attack protection for enterprises.
  • Each enterprise has an independent CA service to suit their business needs.
  • Provides built-in risk control and operation auditing to avoid a “fat-finger error”.
  • The Alibaba Financial Cloud based on Alibaba Cloud complies with Grade IV Protection of Information Security, providing a secure environment for the deployment of your blockchain service.
  • Alibaba Cloud provides over 17 security products, 9 security solutions, and 14 security services, to establish a comprehensive security protection system for upper-layer business applications.

High availability

  • Provides end-to-end and highly available services, covering blockchain nodes, service administration, and container clusters, to ensure business continuity.
  • The bottom-layer storage of the blockchain ledger is highly reliable (99.999999999%) and can scale up quickly without interruption.


  • Helps you quickly build an enterprise-level blockchain network.
  • Alibaba Cloud BaaS provides rich management and operation functions through a graphical interface. This user-friendly service allows all levels of users to get started quickly. You can easily configure, deploy, manage, and monitor multiple blockchain networks owned by an enterprise.
  • This service allows you to save bottom-layer infrastructure and daily operating and maintenance costs. This allows enterprises to focus on business application innovation.

High performance

Alibaba Cloud BaaS is based on high-performance cloud servers, including ECS Bare Metal Instance, high-bandwidth network, and high-concurrency and high-throughput storage. This service can maximize the performance potential of blockchains.

Global deployment

  • With data centers around the world, Alibaba Cloud helps you deploy business systems worldwide.
  • Based on proven overseas compliance processes and practices of Alibaba Cloud, this service helps you build a secure, compliant, and operational business system.