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Overdue payment

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Your Alibaba Cloud account has an overdue payment if your payment method, such as linked credit card or vouchers, cannot afford the cost of the last billing cycle.

Function Compute calculates fees on an hourly basis. At the start of every hour, Function Compute calculates the cost of your services in the last hour. The charges are automatically deducted from your any applicable payment methods, and a bill is generated for later inquiry and review. For more information, see Billing method.


You can still use Function Compute normally after an overdue payment occurs within the 24x7 hours. However, all of your Function Compute services are frozen afterwards. The services and features are frozen as follows:

  • The execution of running functions is still carried out, and new requests are no longer processed after the tasks are complete.

  • Scheduled functions are no longer triggered.

  • All requests in the asynchronous task queue are paused. After 96 hours, requests which have not been processed are gradually removed from the request queue.

Restore service

To restore service functions, recharge your account and pay the overdue amount.

If a request has remained in the asynchronous task queue for less than 96 hours since the account became overdue, it is processed normally when the service functions are restored.

See also

The Function Compute can be used flexibly with other Alibaba Cloud services, meeting diverse needs. Different cloud services use different billing methods. To guarantee that you can use Function Compute without interruption, we recommend that you pay close attention to linked credit limits, overdue alert emails, the usage of Function Compute and other cloud services. For more information, see Alibaba Cloud Pricing.