Before creating an ApsaraVideo Live activity, you must add a domain name in the ApsaraVideo Live console.


  • If you want to use ApsaraVideo Live service in China, you must have a domain name that has completed ICP record filing.
  • If the record-filing is pending, you must first apply for ICP record filing.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.
  2. Click Domains > Add Domain.
    Note You must add an Ingest Domain and a Streaming Domain respectively.
  3. Configure the Streaming Domain, and click Next
    • Live Center: refers to the location of the live center. The Ingest Domain and the Streaming Domain must be in the same region.
    • Domain Type: refers to the acceleration type of the domain name. Ingest Domain and Streaming Domain correspond to stream ingest acceleration and live streaming acceleration respectively.
    • Edge Group: refers to the area where the domain name can perform acceleration.

    Streaming Domain is created successfully.

  4. Click Back to Domain List.
  5. Click Add Domain.
  6. Configure Ingest Domain, and click Next.

    Ingest Domain is created successfully.

    Note After the domain names are created, you must configure CNAME for the domain names. For more information, see Configure CNAME. After the domain names are successfully configured, the domain names automatically configures acceleration function, and you can use the acceleration function immediately.