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How to reduce backup costs

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018

DBS is a secure and cost-efficient solution for continuous data protection. The service provides four instance types: micro, small, medium, and large. These instance types offer different performance. This section describes how to optimize backup plans and reduce backup costs.

Method one: Upgrade instance

  • A high level instance provides a higher quota of free backup data and a lower price for excess data than low level instances.
  • Instance type: micro < small < medium < large
  • Free quota: 40 G < 400 G < 800 G < 1600 G
  • Price for excess data: 0.117 USD > 0.055 USD > 0.039 USD > 0.024 USD

You can choose instance types based on your backup needs, such as estimated backup data, actual backup data, or backup metrics. For more information, see How to choose DBS instances

Method two: Reduce full backup frequency

  • Recommended full backup frequency: 1 to 3 times per week
  • You can go to the details page of a backup plan and click set backup time to change the full backup frequency. For more information, see View backup plans.

Best practice: Reduce cost by 90%

User A has 300 GB of backup data and performs full backups seven times a week. The total backup data is roughly 10,000 GB. Previously, the user bought a micro type instance and the total monthly cost was 1,172 USD. After upgrading the instance to the large type, that cost was reduced to 250 USD. After two weeks, the user changed the full backup frequency to three times a week, and the new monthly cost is around 109 USD, which is only 10% of the original cost.