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Apply for License Mobility through Software Assurance

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2018

This topic explains how to apply for License Mobility through Microsoft Software Assurance. Refer to this section only if your Microsoft license is listed in an active Software Assurance contract. Skip this section if you want to use ECS Dedicated Host or purchase a license-included service from us.

Alibaba Cloud, as an Authorized Mobility Partner of Microsoft, lets you easily move your infrastructure to our shared but secure and flexible data centers. You can apply for License Mobility to bring your own licenses (BYOL) to Alibaba Cloud without purchasing Microsoft software again.


According to the terms of the License Mobility service, Microsoft service can be deployed before applying for License Mobility. Within 10 days of deployment, complete the License Verification Form available at Licensing Terms and Documentation.

  1. Deploy your eligible Microsoft service that is covered by an active Microsoft Software Assurance contract on Alibaba Cloud.

  2. Read Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance thoroughly and submit your License Mobility License Verification Form request to Microsoft or your preferred partner representative. The following authentication information of Alibaba Cloud must be specified in your License Verification Form:

    • Name of Authorized Mobility Partner: Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd.
    • Website of Authorized Mobility Partner:
    • Email of Authorized Mobility Partner:
  3. Wait for the review result. Make sure that within 10 days of Microsoft service deployment, you complete the verification process.

    See the following diagram for an overview of the process:


After acquiring the License Mobility, you can assign or re-assign the license according to your business needs:

  • Assign the Microsoft license with License Mobility to other ECS instances in the same Alibaba Cloud zone.

  • Re-assign the Microsoft license with License Mobility to other ECS instances in other Alibaba Cloud zones. Note that the length of time between two license migrations cannot be less than 90 days. For more information, see Microsoft Licensing terms.

License Mobility requirements

If Microsoft declines your license verification, it is possible that one of the following conditions have not been met:

  • The Microsoft license must have valid Software Assurance.

  • The Microsoft service must support the License Mobility programs. The following Microsoft services allow License Mobility:

    • Exchange Server
    • SharePoint Server
    • SQL Server Standard Edition
    • SQL Server Enterprise Edition
    • Skype for Business Server
    • System Center Server
    • Project Server
    • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
    • BizTalk Server
    • Remote Desktop Services
    • For more information, see Microsoft Licensing terms.
  • The applicable Volume Licensing Agreement must be covered through Software Assurance. Only then can License Mobility be used. Eligible Agreements are e.g. Enterprise Agreement Subscription, Microsoft Product and Services Agreement (MPSA), Select Plus, Open Value or Open Value Subscription, all with active Software Assurance (SA).

  • The Microsoft license cannot belong to a Microsoft Windows client-specific operating system or desktop application, such as Microsoft Office or Microsoft Windows Server.