The edge ingestion function preferentially pushes your video streams to the optimal CDN node to ensure that users can access the best uplink network. Besides, it can minimize such problems as video lagging and slow pull streaming caused by uplink transmission.

  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.
  2. Add an ingest domain name.
    1. Click Domains > Add Domain.
    2. Enter ingest domain information.

    3. Click Next, and the ingest domain is created successfully.
    4. Click Back to Domain List.

  3. Create a streaming domain.
    1. In Domains, click Add Domain.
    2. Enter streaming domain information.

      Note The Ingest Domain and the Streaming Domain must be in the same region so that you can associate the two domain names.
  4. Configure CNAME.

    You must configure CNAME for the ingest domain and the streaming domain respectively. For more information, see Configure CNAME.

  5. Associate the Ingest Domain and the Streaming Domain.
    1. In Domains, select the created Streaming Domain, and click Domain Settings.
    2. InBasic Settings, click Stream Ingest Information, and click Not configured followingStream Ingest Information.

    3. Select the Ingest Domain, click OK, and return to the home page of the ApsaraVideo Live console.

  6. Generate ingest URL and streaming URL.
    1. Click Stream Management > URL Generator.
    2. Select the Streaming Domain and Ingest Domain.
    3. Enter Application Name and Stream Name, and click Generate URLs.

    4. Copy the URLs to stream ingest and live streaming tools for ingestion and playback.