Alibaba Cloud Security Anti-Bot Service protects businesses from losses due to Web crawlers and automation tools. Today, the service is reducing the impact of bots across a range of industries, including in the following scenarios.

Scraping of airline tickets

Scalpers utilize bots to scrape dynamic pricing data of airline tickets. After the bots find a low price or promotion, they then make massive booking requests to hold on to the tickets. This occupies the booking system and so prevents normal customers from booking their seats. Bots continually booking and releasing seats may lead to a high proportion of empty seats on the flight itself, which directly results in a loss of revenue. Moreover, customers are unable to take advantage of the promotions that are aimed at them, leading to a poor experience.

Scalpers in e-commerce activities

Scalpers target limited-time sales and special offers for limited high-value goods in e-commerce activities. They make massive machine requests to simulate normal transactions, and then sell the high-value goods themselves at a higher price to earn a profit. Marketing promotions therefore do not benefit the intended customers. Instead, they are wasted on scalpers.

Core APIs exploitation

Logon, registration, and SMS are key for the verification of customers. The corresponding interfaces are often targeted by hackers in preparation for subsequent fraud.