Anti-Bot Service provides the following benefits.

Threat ecosystem

  • Through advanced behavior analysis, Anti-Bot Service achieves accurate detection of malicious Web crawlers in a wide range of industries.
  • IP/User agent characteristics of malicious Web crawlers are collected and stored to prevent future attacks.
  • The service uses threat intelligence gained from Alibaba Group's extensive business experience, with access to data from hundreds of billions of security events.

Cloud deployment model

  • Anti-Bot Service prevents traffic caused by bot attacks from reaching origin servers through identification and filtering features.
  • Cloud resources support flexible capacity expansion and can be adjusted according to the actual traffic.
  • Continuous defense policy updates are rolled out by an expert security team, ensuring protection from the latest threats.
  • Characteristics of malicious bots are shared in real time to build a cooperative defense system.

Multi-layer protection policies

  • Professional security solutions protect against malicious bot traffic aimed at Web, HTML5, app, and API systems.
  • Multidimensional protection strategies identify malicious bot characteristics with high accuracy.
  • Different disposal methods are used for bots with different risk levels.