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Content moderation API FAQ

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2018

What’s the transaction limit of Content moderation API?

By default, Content moderation API supports 600 transactions per minute and scans 50 images per second at most. For higher transactions, please open a ticket with description of Application name, daily transactions needed and peak amount of transactions per second to contact with us.

Is there a call example on the Content moderation API?

You can download the sample code for API call at the following link:

As the service keeps upgrading, the date at the end of the link changes accordingly. See the updates in our official documents.

An error occurs during a local test, indicating “Specified endpoint or uri is not valid”.

Download the sample code ( and use the language dependency in it as required. Make sure that the version of aliyun-**-sdk-core is not out of date.

No error is found in the Content moderation API during local tests, but after it is released to ECS, an error occurs, indicating “SDK.ServerUnreachable: Specified endpoint or uri is not valid.”

The cause of this error is that your ECS instance is not connected to the Internet and the Content moderation API is only accessible through the Internet. Contact the ECS team ( with a ticket for more information.

Can I create an HTTP request to call the Content moderation API?

In theory, you can create your own HTTP request to call the Content moderation API. However, during the creation, you must apply signature encryption for some columns, which adds inconvenience. Therefore, we recommend that you use the SDK on our official website to call the API.

Can the Content moderation API be called by RAM subaccounts?

The latest Content moderation API (v20160621 or later) can be called by RAM subaccounts. But the API of an earlier version does not support this function and returns an AccessDenied error when a RAM Access Key is used to call the API.

For more information about the dependencies, download the sample code for reference:

What is the difference between a synchronous call and an asynchronous call?

Image moderation involves synchronous and asynchronous calls. A synchronous call can only call one image at a time, while an asynchronous call can call multiple images simultaneously and you must apply round robin to the results.