What should I pay attention to when using OpenAPI Explorer?

In OpenAPI Explorer, no matter you call an API on the Online Debugging page or using the Cloud Shell, the operation is made to your real Alibaba Cloud resources. To avoid effecting the resources that you are using, please check your request carefully before clicking Submit Request.

Does OpenAPI Explorer charge?

OpenAPI Explorer and product APIs are free of charge. However, you will be billed when the following two conditions are met:

  • Use an API to create a cloud resource or activate a service. For example, use the CreateInstance API to create an ECS instance. See the pricing documentation of each product about the product billing.

  • If you want to call the API provided in the Alibaba Cloud Market, you must purchase the API first and you will be charged according to the number of calls.

What do I need to prepare before using OpenAPI Explorer?

You just need an Alibaba Cloud account and corresponding permission of the product to use.

What is the difference between Cloud Shell and CLI?

Cloud Shell is built on Alibaba Cloud CLI. The command structure and usage are the same as Alibaba Cloud CLI. However, Cloud Shell requires no installation and configuration. You can use it through web browser.