Function Compute supports one-way integrated triggers and two-way integrated triggers.

The one-way integrated triggers and two-way integrated triggers have the following differences:

  • Two-way integrated triggers: You can configure triggers in both Function Compute and event source service if you use two-way integrated triggers.
  • One-way integration triggers: You need to configure at the event source service only if you use one-way integration trigger.

Two-way integration trigger

Trigger Name Reference Example links
OSS events triggers OSS event trigger Example for using OSS to trigger function compute
HTTP trigger HTTP trigger Build web servers based on HTTP triggers
Time trigger Timer trigger Example of using a time trigger
MNS topic triggers MNS event trigger Example of using an MNS topic trigger
TableStore triggers TableStore trigger none
CDN events trigger CDN event trigger Example of a CDN trigger
SLS triggers SLS triggers example of using an SLS trigger

One-way integration trigger

Trigger Name Example Links
API Gateway triggers API Gateway triggers
IoT triggers IoT trigger
CloudMonitor triggers CloudMonitor trigger
Alibaba Cloud Message Queue for Apache Kafka Connector triggers Create a Function Compute sink connector