The Operation center offers four modules described as follows:

  • O&M Overview

    Overview makes a report presentation on the task running status.

  • Task list

    The Task List displays all the tasks submitted to the scheduling system, which are classified as Cyclic Tasks and Manual Tasks.

  • Task Maintenance

    This module displays the list of instances generated after a task is submitted to the scheduling system and then it is either triggered by the scheduling system or carried out manually. The instances are classified as Cyclic Tasks, Test Instances and Data Completion Instances.

  • Alarm

    Alarm monitors the running status of tasks. If a monitored task does not run as scheduled or fails, an alarm is generated and a notification is sent to the added contact.

Use cases

  • The Operation Center is a place where tasks and instances are displayed and operated. You can view all your tasks in the Task List and perform operations on the displayed tasks, such as testing tasks and completing.
  • In Task Maintenance, you can view the instances of all your tasks and terminate, re-run, or unfreeze the displayed instances.
Note An instance is generated when a task in the scheduling system is triggered by the system or manually. An instance is a snapshot of a task at a certain time point, which includes the running time, status, and log of the task.