A virtual node is a control node that does not generate any data. Generally, it is used as the root node for the overall workflow node planning.

Note The final workflow output table contains multiple branch input tables. The virtual nodes are usually used if these input tables do not have any dependencies.

Create a virtual node task

  1. Right-click Business Flow under Data Development, and select Create Business Flow.

  2. Right-click Data Development, and select Create Data Development Node > Virtual Node.

  3. Set the node type to Virtual Node, and enter the node name. Select the target folder, and click Submit.

  4. Edit the node code: You do not need to edit the virtual node code.
  5. Node scheduling configuration.

    Click the Schedule on the right-side of the node task editing area to go to the Node Scheduling Configuration page. For more information about scheduling configuration, see Scheduling configuration.

  6. Submit the node.

    After completing the configuration, click Save in the upper-left corner of the page or press Ctrl+S to submit (and unlock) the node to the development environment.

  7. Publish a node task.

    For more information about the operation, see Publish management.

  8. Test in the production environment.

    For more information about the operation, see Cyclic task.