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Last Updated: Aug 23, 2018

OpenAPI Explorer is designed to help you quickly find APIs of Alibaba Cloud products and conveniently use Alibaba Cloud APIs for development. You can use OpenAPI Explorer to retrieve APIs available from Alibaba Cloud and obtain information about their definitions, usage, and specific functions that can address your needs. OpenAPI Explorer is intended for API debugging, troubleshooting, and other scenarios.

Debug API calls

When using Alibaba Cloud APIs for development, you often need to verify the API request methods and view the API responses before you use the API calls in your code. OpenAPI Explorer allows you to easily view API call results on the webpage or using the CLI. If a call fails, OpenAPI Explorer also provides you with information about possible solutions.

Generate SDK code examples

When using the SDK for development, you often need some code examples as a starting point. If you enter API request parameters in OpenAPI Explorer, it can automatically generate Java, PHP, Python, and Node.JS sample code for you.