In the Alibaba Cloud DTplus console, you can view all workspaces under the current account of the Workspace List page. Enter workspace to configure workspaces, achange calculation services, create, activate, disable, and delete workspaces.


  1. Log on to the DTplus console and go to DataWorks product details page as an organization administrator (primary account).
  2. Click DataWorks console to enter the console overview page.
  3. Go to the Workspace List page to view all workspaces under the current account.

Create workspace

  1. Click Create Workspace, and select a region and a calculation engine service.
    The new workspace is created under the current region. You may need to purchase related services for the region. Data development, O&M center, and data management are selected by default.

    • Choose Calculation Engine Services
      • MaxCompute: MaxCompute is a big data processing platform developed by Alibaba. It is mainly used for batch structural data storage and processing, which can provide massive data warehouse solution and big data modeling service.
      • Machine learning PAI: Machine learning refers to a machine that uses statistical algorithms to learn a large amount of historical data to generate empirical models for business references.
    • Choose DataWorks services
      • Data integration: A data synchronization platform that provides stable, efficient, and elastically scalable services. Data integration is designed to implement fast and stable data migration and synchronization between multiple heterogeneous data sources in complex network environments. For more information, see Data integration overview.
      • Data development: Data development helps you design data computing processes according to business requirements and automatically run dependent tasks in the scheduling system. For more information, see Data development overview.
      • O&M center: The O&M center is a place where tasks and instances are displayed and operated. You can view all your tasks in Task List and perform such operations on the displayed tasks. For more information, see Operation center overview.
      • Data management: Data management of Alibaba Cloud DTplus platform displays the global data view and metadata details of an organization, and enables operations, such as divided permission management, data lifecycle management, and approval and management of data table, resource, and function permissions. For more information, see Data management overview.
  2. Configure the basic information and advanced settings of the new workspace.

    • Basic configuration
      • Workspace name: The workspace name must be 3 to 27 characters in length.
      • Display name: The display name must be 27 characters in length.
    • Advanced configuration
      • Enable scheduling frequency: Controls whether to enable the scheduling system in the current workspace. If the scheduling frequency is disabled, it cannot periodically schedule tasks.
      • Enable select result downloads in this workspace: When this configuration is enabled, data results from select statement can be downloaded in this workspace. When this configuration is disabled, it cannot download the data query results from select statement.
    • MaxCompute configuration
      • Development Environment MaxCompute Workspace name: The default name is the workspace name + "_ dev" suffix, which can be modified.
      • Development Environment MaxCompute access identity: The default is a personal account.
      • Production Environment MaxCompute Workspace name: The default name is the same as the DataWorks workspace.
      • Development Environment MaxCompute access identity: The default access identity is the production account. We recommend you do not change the default setting.
      • Quota group: Quota is used to implement disk quotas.
When the workspace is created successfully, the Workspace List displays the corresponding content.

  • Workspace status: The workspace is typically classified into five states: normal, initialization, initialization failure, deleting and deleted. Creating a workspace initially displays an initialized state, and then generally shows the results of initialization failure or normal.

    After the workspace is created successfully, you can perform disable and delete. After the workspace is disabled, you can also activate and delete the workspace. The workspace is normal after it is activated.

  • Subscribe to a service: Your mouse moves on to the service, and all the opened services are displayed. Generally, the normal service icon display is blue, while the outstanding payment service icon is red. If the outstanding payment service has been deleted, it is displayed as gray, and the outstanding payment service is automatically deleted after 7 days.
  • Once you become a workspace owner, it means you have full ownership over the workspace, and anyone that wants to access the workspace must apply for permission.
  • For general users, you do not have to create a workspace. If you have been added to a workspace, you can use MaxCompute.

Configure a workspace

You can configure some basic and advanced attributes of the current workspace by configuring workspace operations, mainly manage and configure space, scheduling, and more.

Click Configuration for the workspace to be configured.

Enter workspace

Click Enter Workspace to configure a workspace, go to the Data Development page for specific operations.

Modify service

Modify services is typically for changing calculation engine services and DataWorks. To change services, you must purchase a service, and then choose a corresponding service to modify it. Based on your purchase, the payment mode is automatically displayed. You can top up, upgrade, downgrade, and renew your MaxCompute.

  • Top up: You can top up your services when the services receive an outstanding bill warning.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade: If your MaxCompute Pay-As-You-Go resource is unable to meet your business demand, you can upgrade the resource by purchasing more services.
  • Renew: When the package expires, you can renew the package or the system freezes corresponding instances contained in this package.
  • Subscription: Only displays the Top Up button.
  • Pay-As-You-Go: All buttons are displayed.

Delete or disable a workspace

Click More after the corresponding item name to delete and disable the item.

  • Delete a workspace
    After selecting Delete Workspace, enter the verification code in the dialog box and click Confirm.
    • The Delete Workspace verification code is always YES .
    • The delete workspace operation is irreversible, exercise caution when performing this operation.

  • Disable a workspace
    Once a workspace is disabled, the cycle scheduling task stops generating instances. The instances generated runs automatically before being disabled. However, you cannot log on to the workspace to view their status.