Manual Task: Manual tasks do not run unless manually triggered.

  • Manual tasks are submitted to the scheduling system and will not run automatically. Only manual triggers will run.
  • The data under manual task is created in the old version of DataWorks. At present, the manual tasks created by users in the V2.0 version will be displayed under the Manual Business Flow options.

  • DAG diagram: Click on the node name or DAG diagram, you can open the node's DAG diagram, DAG diagram click on the node can see the node's properties, operation log, code and other information.

  • Run: run this manual task to generate manual instances.
  • View examples: jump to manual instance interface to see the result of manual task operation.
  • More buttons contain two functions: modify the responsible person, modify the resource group.
    • Modify the responsible person: modify the node responsibility of this manual task.
    • Modify resource group: modify the resource group where this manual task is located.
In the DAG diagram, the right-click node will pop up the operable window. The detailed operation is as follows:

  • View node code: You can view the current code of the node.
  • Edit nodes: You can jump to the page to edit the node.
  • View instances: view the cycle instance of this node.
  • Look at blood ties: see the kinship map of the node.
  • Run: run this manual task to generate manual instances.